The Exiled Earthborn

In the second book of the Earthborn trilogy, Paul Tassi picks up where he left off in The Last Exodus. The last survivors of Earth--Lucas, Asha and their adoptive son, Noah--try to rally the population of Sora, a planet populated by humanoids, light-years away from Earth. Sora is engaged in an endless war with Xala, a planet full of genetically modified beings unaware that their warlike nature is the result of a Soran's meddling in the distant past.

Xalan rebels Alpha and Zeta hope to broadcast this shattering truth to their home, a mission both dangerous and nearly impossible, thanks to the security and military might of Xala. Lucas and Asha find themselves caught up in politics they barely understand from the start; they must find out whom to trust and how to behave on an alien world.

Tassi's universe is brightly built with detail and logic. Alpha is alien, intimidating, but always ready with a technological solution or a dry quip. A Soran princess is born to privilege, yet a deep sense of melancholy leads her to champion the war-ending mission. Even the monstrous Desecrator from Xala has a motivational background. Readers will cheer for the heroes as well as understand why the antagonists are out to destroy Sora and its way of life.

The Exiled Earthborn continues the brilliantly told story from the first book, expanding and enhancing the story of two worlds locked in a battle for supremacy, which ultimately caused the total destruction of Earth and its people. --Rob LeFebvre, freelance writer and editor

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