Love You Too

A father pig and his beloved piglette spend an exuberant day together in Love You Too, a heartwarming call-and-response picture book.

When I say "jammies,"
you say "please."
When I say "which book,"
you say "these."

When adult and child read this book out loud together at bedtime, it will sound like a giddy, loving duet. Each page features father and daughter pig engaged in some fun activity (like making many, many pancakes), and there's always a directive ("When I say 'pancakes,' you say 'more.' ") The charming, whimsical illustrations capture Dad flipping the pancakes up in the air, and his daughter catching them in stacks on plates. Speech bubbles show Dad saying, "Pancakes!" and his daughter answering "More!" And then it's repeated to complete a jaunty, song-like rhyme. "When I say 'syrup,' you say 'pour.' " "Syrup?" "Pour." "Syrup?" "Pour!" This pattern continues as they ride bikes together, cavort on a tire swing, crunch watermelon at lunch and play hide-and-seek. Finally, the day winds down with bedtime and hugs: "When I say 'night-y,' you say 'night.' "  It's easy to imagine this book's joyful and affectionate call-and-response game echoing for decades and decades. "When I say, 'this one,' you say 'yes.' " --Karin Snelson, children's & YA editor, Shelf Awareness

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