Felix Yz

As long as Felix Yz can remember, Zyx, a fourth-dimension alien, has been living inside him. When Felix was three years old, an experiment his scientist father was working on went terribly awry, resulting in his father's death and the accidental fusing at the atomic level of Zyx with Felix. While Zyx is incredibly intelligent, the presence of this otherwordly being inside Felix makes the boy, now 13, walk and talk abnormally. People outside his family think he's strange and call him vicious names.

As if that weren't enough to tax Felix's existence, doctors believe Zyx's presence will eventually kill Felix, so a de-fusing procedure is planned. But the process for separating human and alien has never been done, and there are no guarantees. Either way, Felix stands a strong chance of dying soon, so he decides to keep a secret blog chronicling what may be his final 29 days as he counts down to "Zero Day."

Lisa Bunker's clever science fiction debut is heartwarming and witty. Felix's looming high-stakes procedure creates a sense of suspense, while the push and pull between Felix and his alien guest incubates humor, compassion and ingenuity:

"Good night, Zyx."
"good night"
"Sweet dreams, don't let the bedbugs bite."
"question mark"
"Never mind. Good night."
"zyx love felix"
"Sure. Thanks."

Bunker probes the theme of being different, celebrating the singularity of her characters but recognizing the struggle it creates, especially when you're a junior high boy. The marvelously diverse cast of Felix Yz is certain to charm audiences and leave them eagerly anticipating what Bunker will deliver next. --Jen Forbus, freelancer

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