Firecrackers: Female Photographers Now

In his foreword to Firecrackers, co-author Max Houghton explains that "how things are seen has a monumental effect on how they are then known or understood." But the perspective of men has long been photography's dominant view. Firecrackers displays the work of 33 phenomenally talented female photographers from around the globe, exploring the optical angle on their environments. From Australian-Singaporean Ying Ang's tension-filled Gold Coast series to Afghan-American Behnaz Babazadeh's politically charged Edible Burka collection and Belgian Bieke Depoorter's brave Ou Menya ("with you") project, contemporary women are creating meaningful art. Firecrackers presents their visual creations in stunning color, allowing all the style, technique and outlook to burst from the page. Art fans--especially photography buffs--will covet this powerful compilation of images and spend hours studying its pages. --Jen Forbus, freelancer

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