Science Is Beautiful: Disease and Medicine: Under the Microscope

Who knew that deadly diseases, viruses and bacteria found in humans and animals--along with medications used to treat foreign invaders--could look so striking when ultra-magnified? Colin Salter (Science Is Beautiful: The Human Body Under the Microscope) presents more than 125 stunning microphotographs and short, informative text passages that capture the defense mechanisms of compromised immune systems and counteractive antidotes. Light and electron micrographs are enhanced with additional color to study--in fascinating, dazzling detail--the complexity of diseases and infections including hepatitis, cancer, Parkinson's, Ebola, candida and gonorrhea. Testosterone, cortisone and vitamin E, along with medicines like Viagra and aspirin, are also examined. Salter illuminates the nuances of diseases and medicine "from a safe distance," making this beautiful book appealing to inquisitive scientists, students, artists and photographers. --Kathleen Gerard, blogger at Reading Between the Lines

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