The Art of Horror Movies: An Illustrated History

Horror movie buffs will find The Art of Horror Movies impossible to resist. This beautifully designed book is full of amazing, vibrant and varied artwork--more than 600 images. These include classic, iconic and rare horror movie poster art, as well as paintings and illustrations created for comic books, magazines and novelizations. Some of the most striking art comes from present-day digital artists who salute and reinvent vintage horror film art.

Stephen Jones and his contributors--film critics, journalists and historians--also offer a superb, concise and opinionated overview of a century's worth of horror on celluloid. Each chapter represents one decade of horror film output, both U.S. and international films. Sprinkled throughout are appreciations of some of the genre's MVPs: actors (such as Boris Karloff and Jamie Lee Curtis), producers, directors and studios. This art book is a treat for horror film enthusiasts, and overflows with vibrant images and fascinating film lore. --Kevin Howell, independent reviewer and marketing consultant

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