This Is What a Librarian Looks Like: A Celebration of Libraries, Communities, and Access to Information

Kyle Cassidy (War Paint: Tattoo Culture & the Armed Forces) proved in a 2014 Slate photo essay that the tweed-armored, bun-headed, shushing librarian stereotype bears little resemblance to the passionate professionals working in today's field of information science. He now offers an expanded look at the faces and voices of modern librarians.

This new compilation features more than 200 portraits of librarians and archivists of every age and skin color--with hair ranging from grey to rainbow-dyed, and the occasional tattoo or piercing--accompanied by their explanations of what they do and why the field remains vibrant and vital. Cassidy also includes his own essays on a few standout stories, including one library's smash hit American Girl doll-lending program. Celebrity contributors such as George R.R. Martin and Cory Doctorow add their thoughts on the wonder and necessity of libraries. Give Cassidy's encore to library lovers--or anyone in need of convincing. --Jaclyn Fulwood, youth services manager, Main Branch, Dayton Metro Library

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