Andina: The Heart of Peruvian Food

London chef and restaurateur Martin Morales (Ceviche) has a reputation as a champion of Peruvian cuisine in Britain. Named for his picanteria in London, this recipe and essay collection reflects his Peruvian roots and showcases the passion and creativity that led the Peruvian government to name Morales "food ambassador."

Beautiful styling sets Andina apart, beginning with its cover, which has the look and texture of handpainted ceramic tiles. Inside, gorgeously styled dishes dance across the pages in an enticing rainbow of colors. Pink duck beckons from its bed of golden mashed sweet potatoes on one page while roasted peppers blaze from creamy ricotta on another. Though American home cooks may have difficulty sourcing guinea pig or nasturtium leaves, most recipes feature feasible ingredients. Morales's reverent stories of visiting markets and chefs in the Peruvian Andes cap the perfect gift for the would-be world traveler in your life. --Jaclyn Fulwood, youth services manager, Main Branch, Dayton Metro Library

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