Magic Cakes: Easy-Mix Batters that Transform into Amazing Layered Cakes!

In Magic Cakes, Kathleen Phillips provides one basic batter recipe. When baked, it separates into three distinct and delectable layers--a custard-like layer, a dense, fudge-like layer and a sponge cake layer. By adding ingredients to the original recipe, readers can create any number of magic cakes and Phillips provides more than 30 recipes that will satisfy the cravings of fruit, chocolate or spice lovers. Her instructions for bringing everything to room temperature prior to mixing are extremely helpful and crucial for the proper creation of these all-in-one-pan layered cakes. A gluten-free recipe that follows the same techniques is provided and full-page color photographs illustrate the numerous possible combinations. Scrumptious and relatively simple to create, magic cakes will be featured on many holiday dessert tables. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

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