Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen

Winner of 2014's MasterChef competition, Ping Coombes uses the recipes in Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen to introduce readers to the culinary world of her country of birth. The book is filled with delicious recipes that run the gamut on tastes and dietary restrictions, including some appealing Malaysian twists on standard cocktails. Adventurous cooks will enjoy seeking out some of the harder-to-find ingredients in Coombes's recipes, though most can easily be swapped out with readily available options. Don't forget to try the desserts, especially the incredible "Malaysian Mess," a decadent coconut meringue dish that's paired with pineapple compote. Filled with fabulous photos and beautifully designed with a hot pink cover, Malaysia is a great gift for anyone looking to expand their cooking horizons. --Noah Cruickshank, adult engagement manager, The Field Museum, Chicago, Ill.

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