Our Korean Kitchen

Unlike Chinese, Japanese and the Southeast Asian cuisines, Korean food had always been a bit of a mystery to citizens of the U.K. For acclaimed chef Jordan Bourke, his awakening came by way of his fashion designer wife, Rejina Pyo, who introduced Bourke to the delicious simplicity of Korean cooking. This husband-wife duo has created an artfully curated collection of authentic and accessible Korean recipes. Moving from simple to complex, Bourke and Pyo break down the techniques and ingredients that go into crafting many well-known favorites--bulgolgi (soy-marinated beef), silken tofu stews, bibimbap, mandoo (dumplings), jajang myeon (black bean noodles) and kimchi--while providing the historical and cultural context behind each dish. Gorgeous, mouthwatering photography adds to the vibrancy and sensual pleasures of the Korean table. With its 100-plus recipes and coffee-table appeal, Our Korean Kitchen would make an excellent addition to any cookbook collection, as well as serving as a comprehensive reference on Korean cuisine. --Nancy Powell, freelance writer and technical consultant

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