Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean

In a raging storm in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Brett Archibald leaned over the railing of the surf-charter boat he was on. Ill from severe food poisoning, dehydrated and disoriented, he blacked out, only to wake up in the sea. "I watch the boat go, a toy in the distance.... I wait, stunned, desperately treading water. My outstretched arms pull great circles in the swirling foam as I fight to take breaths between the waves." He screamed for help as he watched the boat, with his seven friends aboard, move off into the blackness, but he realized no one had seen him fall. He was alone in the water with nothing other than the T-shirt and shorts he was wearing. With no life jacket and no trash nearby to cling to, Archibald battled jellyfish, a shark, vicious seagulls, the stormy sea and his own mind, enduring 28 and a half hours before rescue crews spotted him and pulled him to safety.

Archibald has written a grip-the-edge-of-the-seat tense drama of his astonishing experience in April 2013. He details his own thoughts and events on an hour-by-hour basis, as well as those of his wife and extended family, the long-time friends he was surfing with and the captains and crews of the boats involved in the rescue effort. Readers witness the characters' metamorphosis, but particularly of Archibald, who battles inner demons, God and his will to live. His true story is courageous, enlightening and incredibly moving. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

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