Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You!

In 2015, sixth-grader Marley Dias's frustration with her school's all-white reading list went viral, catalyzing the #1000blackgirlbooks campaign. She's been an activist ever since, and in Marley Dias Gets It Done, she shares her personal story of "wokeness" in addition to guidance and inspiration for other budding activists. In 11 engaging and wide-ranging chapters, Dias gives practical advice on topics like attending protest marches and contacting elected officials, as well as describing her top five favorite hairstyles. "You may think we're too young to have any influence on or make a real difference in this so often messed-up world, but I'm proof we're not," Dias writes in the first chapter. By the final pages, readers will be convinced that they, too, can make a difference.

Dias's voice is buoyant and authentic; any reader who knows what it means to react to a question "hand-cupping-chin-contemplative-smiley-emoji style" will be instantly won over. Her enthusiasm makes her forthright discussion of topics like the 1965 Selma marches, protecting yourself online and the difference between charity and activism even more accessible. The book's clean layout, incorporating lots of pictures, pull quotes and sidebars, allows readers at any level to appreciate even a glance through the pages. Adults will also benefit from a few sidebars addressed to them, advising how they can empower the kids and teens in their lives. Fittingly, the final pages contain about 500 titles from Dias's original #1000blackgirlbooks campaign, giving readers who are inspired by Dias's contagious enthusiasm dozens of stories to explore next. --Stephanie Anderson, assistant director of selection, BookOps

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