Don't Look for Me

While Don't Look for Me is the fourth book in Mason Cross's high-octane thriller series featuring former black-ops manhunter Carter Blake, it's the perfect point to start for those who haven't read the earlier novels. This volume answers a lot of questions about Blake's history and, unlike the previous mysteries, this new case involves him personally.

In 2010, Blake tells his partner Carol Langford to disappear for her own safety after the assassination of her boss, a U.S. senator. She leaves him a note: "Don't look for me." Six years later, former news reporter Sarah Blackwell is intrigued by her new neighbors, Rebecca and Dominic Freel. She slowly befriends Rebecca, but before she can figure them out, they suddenly vanish. After witnessing some men sneaking into the Freels' home and leaving with a laptop, Blackwell investigates and finds a notebook containing Carter Blake's e-mail address. When she contacts him, he agrees to help. A few cities away, three men hire trained killer Trenton Gage to track down Dominic Freel, who has something they want. Who will find the Freels first?

Cross ratchets up the tension with brief chapters and shifting POVs. Blake narrates his portions; the actions of Blackwell and Gage are in third-person. While Blake withholds information, readers can enjoy sorting through clues with Blackwell as she pieces things together. All three characters are smart and pleasingly complicated. Don't Look for Me is enjoyable and action-packed, with violent twists and clever plotting. --Kevin Howell, independent reviewer and marketing consultant

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