Zero Day

In Ezekiel Boone's Zero Day, the final book in the Hatching trilogy, nuclear bombs have been dropped on more than 30 cities in the U.S. The nation's highways have been destroyed, yet the advance of millions of extremely large black spiders from west to east continues. The flesh-eating, eight-legged creatures spread in other countries around the globe as well, threatening the existence of humankind. U.S. president Stephanie Pilgrim and her entourage have a command center onboard an aircraft carrier and are deliberating their next moves. If the scientists are right and the spiders work as a unit, then they need to find the controlling spider(s) and kill them. But if the scientists are wrong, as some in the government believe, and they don't continue to use nuclear force against the invaders, then the spiders win. 

Boone focuses on the multiple characters he's expertly created, who are searching for a method to destroy the queen spiders. A web of dissent and danger that rivals the arachnid destruction shows government officials and parts of the military defying the president and her orders. Boone carefully spins out his tale--including scary interactions with the alien invaders--as he leads readers to an explosive, knuckle-biting end that successfully ties up all the loose strands. Zero Day is a thriller of grand proportions that will ensure humans are scared of spiders for years to come. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

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