I'll Be Your Blue Sky

Clare Hobbes believes in love: in fierce devotion and steadfast kindness. She's grown up surrounded by deep love--from her mother, her almost-mother, Cornelia, and the jumbled but joyous family they began constructing together in Marisa de los Santos's debut novel, Love Walked In. Now, as a young woman on the cusp of marriage, Clare finds herself facing a wrenching decision about whom, and how, to love. In her fifth novel for adults, I'll Be Your Blue Sky, de los Santos weaves Clare's story together with that of Edith Herron.

Days before her wedding, Clare meets Edith, an elderly woman whose wise counsel and compassion give Clare the strength to break off her engagement. Several weeks later, Clare learns that Edith has left her a house--Blue Sky Cottage--with a mystery attached. Captivated by the house itself and intrigued by the photos (taken by Edith) adorning its walls, Clare begins digging into the woman's background with the help of her best friend, Dev. The two trace Edith's movements all along the mid-Atlantic coast and back up to the Canadian border, while Clare struggles to navigate the shifting geography of her own heart. As de los Santos's two narratives unfold side by side, readers can see two brave women, decades apart, struggle to do the right thing for themselves and for those they love.

Tender and insightful, I'll Be Your Blue Sky is a richly layered story that will nourish both longtime and new readers of de los Santos's work. --Katie Noah Gibson, blogger at Cakes, Tea and Dreams

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