We Own the Sky

Luke Allnutt's debut novel, We Own the Sky, chronicles the roller-coaster of emotions that one family goes through when their young son becomes seriously ill, and how they eventually heal.

Rob and Anna have been together since they both finished college at Cambridge, and although they've had some difficulties, their life together now feels perfect. They are married and living in London, as they'd dreamed, both working in fields they love, and best of all, they have a sweet little boy named Jack. Life with Jack is full of joy, as the three explore the city and surrounding areas together, play silly games and enjoy daily life. Jack especially loves going up to high places, where he can see the world laid out around him and take photos.

When disaster hits, their lives are suddenly filled with uncertainty and fear. Rob is eventually left alone, as he plunges from the heights of their perfect family life to the depths of despair. He turns to alcohol and literally stumbles through his days in a drunken fog of self-pity, guilt and sorrow. His only respite is the passion for photography that he shares with Jack, and he leaves hidden messages for his son on his photography website.

The reader is swept along in this moving story as this family--and especially Rob--grapples with life-changing challenges and unexpected twists, often with heartbreaking consequences. Ultimately, though, this gripping novel is uplifting, focused on hope, healing and love. --Suzan L. Jackson, freelance writer and author of Book By Book blog

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