Captain Superlative

No one at Deerwood Park Middle School knows where Captain Superlative came from or who she really is beneath that blue wig and red mask. But Jane Silverman knows that Captain Superlative stands out, and being original in seventh grade is dangerous. Ever since the death of her mother, Jane stays in "the middle of the pack," undoubtedly "the safest place," especially from Dagmar Hagen--a soccer champion beloved by the adults--who stalks the hallways bullying her classmates, particularly black, diminutive Paige. That is, until Captain Superlative arrives. With an endless supply of kindness, Captain Superlative roams the school helping her classmates and teachers. Quiet, middle-of-the-pack Jane catches the attention of Captain Superlative and a tentative friendship is formed. But can Jane find it within herself to step out of the shadows and into Captain Superlative's light?

J.S. Puller's debut novel, Captain Superlative, brings superheroes to middle school. No good deed is too small or mundane for the Captain and no student goes unknown under her careful watch. As Captain Superlative says to Jane, "'Good is a habit. You have to get into it. And sometimes, the best way to do that is with the little stuff.'" The mysteries of Captain Superlative are not deeply buried, but her magnetism and message are undeniable. Captain Superlative is an emotionally rich and heart-wrenching gut punch of a book that challenges its readers to be better people and citizens. "Will you be superlative?" --Kyla Paterno, former YA and children's book buyer

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