Like Brothers

The dynamic duo of indie filmmaking, Mark and Jay Duplass, have crafted a heartfelt memoir that doubles as a compelling and insightful instruction manual for those seeking a career in film and television. Together the brothers have written and directed four critically acclaimed movies (including Jeff, Who Lives at Home and Safety Not Guaranteed), created two HBO series (Togetherness, Room 104), produced dozens of award-winning indie films (Tangerine) and acted in various films and TV shows. The "inseparable soulmates" have had an amazing trajectory since 2003, when their seven-minute short This Is John (improvised in one day and shot on a $3 mini-DV tape) was accepted at the Sundance Film Festival.

The engaging and endearing siblings take turns narrating chapters that amiably hopscotch from fine-tuning a 10-best film list to offering a spirited defense of Karate Kid Part II and the musical group Air Supply, and from sharing short stories to instructing future filmmakers on "how to get somewhere when you're coming from nowhere." Throughout the book, the brothers offer a perceptive insider's look. They detail their creative process, how the entertainment industry works and how they have managed to build a successful career with the kinds of projects they want and very little studio interference. The two forged successful careers by bucking traditions (early on, they stopped taking "general meetings" with studios), believing in themselves and being decent human beings.

Film buffs, future auteurs and fans of Robert Rodriguez's Rebel Without a Crew and Christine Vachon's Shooting to Kill will find Like Brothers exciting and essential reading. --Kevin Howell, independent reviewer and marketing consultant

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