Do This for Me

Eliza Kennedy (I Take You) has written a funny and insightful novel in Do This for Me. High-powered Manhattan attorney Raney Moore has a seemingly perfect life: twin teenage daughters, loving entomologist husband, career she adores. Then, when she finds out that her husband is having an affair, she essentially burns their life down, in a very public and hilarious way.

In the wake of her actions on the day of her discovery, Raney begins to discover uncomfortable truths about herself, her marriage and her workplace. As she and her husband tentatively seek reconciliation, Raney uses her best friend and the paralegals from her firm to help her research why men have affairs, why exactly sex is so important and what men are looking for in women. This leads her on a quest to understand the interactions between men and women in both personal relationships and in the workplace, timely given the #metoo movement.

But, in typical Raney fashion, even as she attempts to understand logically how she's come to this, things go even more uproariously awry, and soon she finds herself at the end of her metaphorical rope. Can she ever put her life back together? Does she even want to?

Amusing, clever and thoughtful, Do This for Me is an excellent novel. Although Raney is a bit larger than life, many readers will be able to identify with aspects of her journey of self-discovery--and may find themselves pondering some of the same things Raney does. --Jessica Howard, bookseller at Bookmans, Tucson

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