The Man I Never Met: A Memoir

The story of Adam Schefter's high-profile career as a sportswriter and analyst forms the backdrop of The Man I Never Met. Schefter recounts how he began covering the Denver Broncos, later joined the NFL Network and ultimately wound up at ESPN. Despite his professional ascendancy, however, Schefter felt largely unfulfilled in his personal life. Upon reaching his late 30s, his career was taking off, but he was lonely. His incredibly moving, forthright memoir details how he met, courted and eventually married Sharri Maio, a 9/11 widow and mother. Sharri lost her much-loved, charming and successful husband, Joe, in the World Trade Center attack.
When a friend set Sharri and Schefter up on a blind date, Schefter was leery. He wasn't sure he--a workaholic bachelor--could deal with the magnitude of Sharri's loss or the fact that she was a mother to a son who was only six when his father died. Despite clear differences in their personalities, Sharri and Schefter were instantly attracted to each other. Through a rather tumultuous courtship, both of their lives changed for the better, but not without struggle, stirring losses, hard work, compromise and acceptance.
In a spiritual, serendipitous sense, Schefter truly believes that Joe Maio--with whom he shares a birthday--was directly responsible for him finding the love of his life and finally having a family of his own. Schefter pays thoughtful homage to Joe and all whose lives he touched, acknowledging his great admiration and respect for--and gratitude to--an absent man who is and will forever remain an active part in all of their lives. --Kathleen Gerard, blogger at Reading Between the Lines
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