Tales from La Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology

More than 70 Latinx artists present their views in a variety of comics styles as they recall significant moments in their lives in the U.S. They address subjects such as being unable to speak Spanish, although they may have a Latinx last name or darker skin, and confronting the expectation of fluency despite being raised in the U.S.
In "One Time, One Night," the narrator takes pride in being brown after hearing the band Los Lobos play. In "ElChupaSoyMilk," the author explores the myth of the chupacabra. Many contributors to this anthology ("California Girl," "Where the Heart Is") discuss the racism they've encountered, regardless of their country of birth, and pride in being Latinx and American, even when that feeling has arrived late in life.
The pen-and-ink illustrations vary from rough sketches to complex drawings more typical of graphic novels, mirroring the complexities and individuality of these authors. Some of the pieces use Spanish words and phrases and slang, but knowledge of the language is in no way necessary to enjoy the multiple layers and levels of entertainment found in this comprehensive compendium of honest, creative and imaginative stories. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer
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