It had been an ordinary day for Joe Lynch, and he expects it to be a normal evening, until his four-year-old son spots his wife's car headed in the opposite direction from their home. Joe decides to follow Mel and discovers she's gone to a hotel, where he finds her deep in conversation with the husband of her college friend. He begins to put two and two together and doesn't like the result. When the man disappears and is presumed dead, Joe questions everything he's ever known about his marriage and wife as he navigates a cat-and-mouse game as chief suspect.
In this fast-paced debut by T.M. Logan, readers are dropped into a swirling mix of lies upon lies where unreliable narrators abound and social media, text messages and cell phones play an integral part in the moves and countermoves of all the characters involved in this game of deception and deceit. The action is swift, the dialogue flows and the emotions run deep as Joe tries to figure out how his world unraveled so quickly. This is a tense suspense thriller with a surprising and satisfying ending, a whodunit of the best kind as it twists and turns, creating layers upon layers of storyline. Logan provides a highly sympathetic character in Joe, as he falls deep into a web of dishonesty, duplicity and shams. Perfect reading for a hot summer day, Lies will keep you guessing until the very end. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer
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