Revolutionary Recipes: Groundbreaking Techniques. Compelling Voices. One-of-a-Kind Recipes.

Cook's Illustrated is known for innovative techniques and exhaustively tested recipes for popular dishes such as pot roast, chocolate cake, pad thai and soft-cooked eggs. Revolutionary Recipes is a 25th-anniversary cookbook that includes an excellent selection of foundation recipes. Each is introduced by the story of how the author arrived at it, and why alternatives didn't work as well. Advice on tools and selection of ingredients is scattered throughout. The chapter on breakfast foods includes techniques for cooking perfect hash browns, granola and raised waffles. Others cover soups and stews, red meats, chicken and turkey, seafood, vegetarian mains, pasta, rice and grain dishes, vegetable sides, breads and desserts. This could be an excellent first cookbook, or a gift to a seasoned cook still looking for the final word on boiling eggs, poached fish or the best vegetarian chili. --Sara Catterall

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