How to Be Alone: If You Want to and Even if You Don't

How to Be Alone: If You Want to and Even If You Don't is a series of courageous essays by talented performer and writer Lane Moore. She considers the topics of self-dependence, living alone and finding a home within oneself instead of searching for it in other people. With a wildly popular comedy show, a successful singing career and many published articles under her belt, Moore is the embodiment of a confident, bold, independent woman who has it all figured out. She cracks that image into a thousand little pieces, however, by exposing just how hard she works every single day to escape the long, dark shadow of her difficult childhood and the pervasive loneliness that has been her constant companion ever since she can remember.

Life dealt Moore a tough deal: a violent father; a neglectful, absent mother; relatives who looked the other way; and a yearning for connection that often drove her into the arms of those least equipped to protect her. In boldly exposing her past to the harsh light of day, Moore has a twofold purpose: first to alert the reader to the devastating, long-term impact of childhood neglect and violence, and second to share her story of survival as an inspiration to others.

How to Be Alone is rich with compelling anecdotes from Moore's experiences. They boil down to some simple but powerful life lessons about reframing one's narrative: Don't tolerate inconsiderate or violent behavior. Learn about yourself through your relationships with others and work on self-improvement. Love yourself and have the courage to seek the love that you deserve from others. --Shahina Piyarali, writer and reviewer

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