The Fearless King

Journey King excels in her position as COO of her family's company, Kingdom Corp, managing complex day-to-day operations while wearing killer heels. Frank Evans is no stranger to contract negotiations, business mergers and hostile takeovers as the successful former underdog who now owns half the city. In The Fearless King, the second book in the Kings series by RITA finalist Katee Roberts, they may enjoy each other as friendly eye candy, but can't forget they are competitors for status and information in the cutthroat business world. That is, until Journey's father, Elliott, waltzes back into Houston with a plan to destroy Kingdom Corp from the inside out, and she turns to the only outside source she can trust for help.

Though Journey's worked hard to put her abusive childhood behind her, one meeting with her father leaves her a quivering mess. Getting the protection she needs means she needs Frank, the king of information. Both underestimated and dismissed--Frank due to his race, Journey due to her gender--they join forces in a negotiation neither expected. When Frank pretends to be Journey's boyfriend to get close to the company, the two discover they have more in common than just finding out what Elliott is up to. As things heat up, where does the pretending end and true feelings begin, and can they figure it all out while coming up with a counter-strategy to save Kingdom Corp before it's too late? --BrocheAroe Fabian, owner, River Dog Book Co., Beaver Dam, Wis.

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