Keep This to Yourself

"Last summer, a serial killer paid a visit to Camera Cove. By the time the dust settled, four people were dead."

Mac, Carrie, Doris and Ben's friendship has dissolved since their friend Connor became the Catalog Killer's final victim. They've spent their senior year in a haze as they adjusted to life without the "handsome, charming" Connor, who was the "glue holding the five" together. Now in their last summer of high school, the teens are eager to get away from their hometown. Then, Mac finds a note Connor left for him on the evening he died: "I've figured something out--something important, and I really need your help. Meet me at the beach at midnight." This prompts Mac to start his own investigation into the unsolved killings. As he begins his search, he meets Quill, a cousin of the third Catalog victim, and the two start a sweet, tentative relationship, even as they hunt for a killer. But if Connor had figured something out--if he knew who killed him--that means the murderer could still be around, possibly watching the boys' every move.

Mac and Quill are completely believable teen sleuths--eager, slightly inept and scared--who realistically stumble into what feels like a very dangerous situation. As Mac gets closer to the killer, the tension builds and the risk appears very real. Ryan's (Way to Go) Keep This to Yourself is painfully suspenseful, genuinely creepy and so cleanly plotted, readers may want to start the book all over again once they've solved the mystery. --Siân Gaetano, children's and YA editor, Shelf Awareness

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