Love on Lexington Avenue

The second novel in Lauren Layne's Central Park Pact series (after Passion on Park Avenue), Love on Lexington Avenue follows Claire, a recent widow looking to transform her beige life into something more reflective of her true self. After the death of her philandering husband, she makes a friendship pact with the other two women he betrayed and, with their help, sets about reinventing her life and the outdated Manhattan brownstone she now has all to herself. And though she'd never expect it, flannel-wearing Scott, the contractor she hires for the job, is a match for more than just this renovation.

While Claire is eager to settle into the next phase of her life, Scott makes his living traveling the globe to take on major contracting jobs. Betrayed by a former fiancée, Scott is absolutely not interested in anything long-term--especially with a pampered housewife who spends her days on Pinterest. But there's something about this historic house that turns it from small potatoes to passion project. Claire's predictable life is suddenly full of meddling friends, strawberry-lemon cupcakes, unwanted grief and construction debris. Meanwhile, Scott is growing attached to a woman and a life he never thought he could want again. Aided by smoldering chemistry and a giant goofy dog, the two fall into an unexpected romance. But what will happen when the renovation is done and Scott needs to move on?

Love on Lexington Avenue is a glitzy romantic comedy for fans of Sex and the City, home renovation shows and anyone who wants to believe in the human capacity for reinvention. --Suzanne Krohn, editor, Love in Panels

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