Decorating with Plants: What to Choose, Ways to Style, and How to Make Them Thrive

In Decorating with Plants, designer Baylor Chapman invites readers not only to bring plants into their homes, but also to integrate them into new and existing designs. Following a short introduction, she walks readers through the process of choosing among different types of houseplants and then adding plants to every room in the house. She pairs gorgeous photographs and careful styling with practical suggestions to avoid common problems like water damage and dark corners.

Chapman describes each suggested plant in detail, with attention given to nutritional needs, plant size and level of difficulty. Her ingenuity shines, however, when she broaches design in the second section. Chapman gives each room multiple treatments, with options for small spaces, high-traffic rooms and those frequented by children and pets. This is a beautiful, practical book for those who wish to raise beautiful, practical houseplants.--Suzanne Krohn, editor, Love in Panels

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