American Royals

George Washington was America's first king. Now, the first female heir, Beatrice, prepares to take the throne. Before she is crowned, she must choose a noble husband (even though she loves her guard). When presented with a "terrifyingly slim folder" of suitors, she chooses Lord Teddy Eaton--who recently kissed Samantha, Beatrice's sister. But Samantha is "just the Other Washington Sister," denied Beatrice's privileges--including America's favor. Worse, the country's "sexist double standard" means they malign Samantha but "swoon" over her twin brother, Jefferson. Even Jeff's girlfriend, Nina, fears she's "not the type of girl" America wants for Jeff and bemoans their preference for his "perfect and proper" ex, Daphne (who is plotting to marry Jeff in order to become royalty).

Katharine McGee's (The Thousandth Floor) novel of alternative history gushes with electrifying emotion: Beatrice's "silent, screaming turmoil," Samantha's furtive moments with Teddy, Nina's buckling public composure, and Daphne's "terrifying" schemes. Mixing scandalous secrets and political intrigue, American Royals is thrillingly addictive. --Samantha Zaboski, freelance editor and reviewer

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