Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Illness and disability are central to the U.S. debut novel from prolific British author Talia Hibbert. This first in a proposed series begins with Chloe Brown--a British woman of color who battles the invisible yet chronic and debilitatingly painful effects of fibromyalgia. As Chloe takes her daily walk--as prescribed by her physiotherapist--she witnesses a horrific car accident that nearly involves her. Shocked, the lovably eccentric, single computer geek walks away uninjured, and decides she wants more out of life. Having recently moved into her own apartment--from her wealthy family's mansion--Chloe devises a wish list of experiences she longs to fulfill. This includes having a drunken night out, riding a motorcycle, camping, doing "something bad," traveling the world without checking luggage and having meaningless but pleasurable sex.

Redford "Red" Morgan, the rough-and-tumble superintendent of Chloe's apartment complex, becomes the initial object of her quest of daring rebellion. Red resents Chloe's upper-crust background. And while he infuriates and exasperates Chloe, she is drawn to his good looks, tattoos and motorcycle. She's further intrigued after she spies him through her apartment window one night--Red, she learns, is secretly an aspiring artist. The two forge an unlikely romance, where their opposites-attract, biracial affections ultimately force both of their vulnerable souls to grow beyond their emotional wounds and insecurities.

Hibbert's sparkling, diversity-centric romantic comedy--replete with grit, wit and flirty sex--introduces a memorable offbeat anti-heroine with whom readers will fall in love. --Kathleen Gerard, blogger at Reading Between the Lines

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