Blitzed, the third romance in Alexa Martin's Playbook series, is a sweet and steamy romantic comedy set in the world of professional football players and their WAGs--wives and girlfriends. Fans of the series will recognize Brynn, the owner of HERS, the bar at which many scenes in the first two books (Intercepted and Fumbled) take place, and Maxwell, the shy, secretly nerdy football star. While Maxwell plays defense in his career, Brynn plays defense with her heart. She's never had a real relationship before, scared of getting attached when she knows she's just like the mother who abandoned her as a teen. Luckily, Max is the ultimate caretaker hero, committed to building a bond with her, whether that be friendship or something more.

Guest appearances by secondary characters reinforce their previous Happily Ever Afters, while ongoing reality TV and charity events add levity to the otherwise even-keeled romantic arc. As the romance develops, so, too, does a mystery revolving around Maxwell's complicated relationship with his brother, which sets off Brynn's trust issues. She's uneasy with how much she loves his sweet gestures and giving nature, wary of depending on anyone or having them depend upon her. However, supportive friends and an affirming encounter with her mother help her realize that she has a lot more to give than she thought.

Martin's experience as the wife of a professional football player grounds the book with authentic details and immerses readers in a glitzy, dramatic world, while her feminist sensibilities ensure that all of the women are represented as three-dimensional characters with their own goals and motivations. Blitzed is sure to satisfy fans of football, romantic comedy and happy endings. --Suzanne Krohn, editor, Love in Panels

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