Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor

Author, speaker and podcast host Layla Saad channels her work exploring the topics of race, identity and social change in Me and White Supremacy, an interactive workbook designed to help individuals learn to address anti-Blackness and white supremacy at both the individual and institutional level. While the book is designed as a 28-day course, which grew out of her #MeAndWhiteSupremacy live Instagram challenge, Saad notes that it is important for readers to realize that the book is a map for lifelong practice in antiracism and anti-oppression.

The introduction provides insightful and helpful advice for readers, acknowledging that deconstructing white supremacy is hard work, and providing tips such as going at one's own pace and using the book in a supportive setting, while also stressing the need for personal accountability in antiracist practices. Broken into four sections, or weeks, the first covers the basics of looking at various components of white supremacy such as white fragility, privilege, silence and exceptionalism, and tone policing. It then moves to the topics of color blindness, anti-Blackness, racist stereotypes and cultural appropriation in week two, while weeks three and four highlight how to become an effective ally and make personal changes before moving forward to structural ones. Each chapter ends with engaging questions for personal journaling, and each week ends with a reflection on the work done previously.

Further resources include guidelines for using the book in a group setting, a glossary, further readings, and notes. Me and White Supremacy is an effective tool for individuals to start their journeys into the work of addressing larger systems of racism and oppression. --Michelle Anya Anjirbag, freelance reviewer

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