Chasing Cassandra

Chasing Cassandra is the sixth and final novel in the Ravenels series (Devil's Daughter, Marrying Winterbourne), set in Victorian England. This excellent tale easily stands alone, although readers will surely wish to explore earlier books in the series.

Wealthy businessman Tom Severin is accustomed to buying anything he wants. He believes acquiring a wife will be equally simple. Unfortunately, the lady he decides he must have is committed to marrying for love. Lady Cassandra Ravenel's long-held desire is to marry and have a happy home and family. Sadly, none of London's eligible gentlemen stir anything more than a desire for friendship, until she meets Tom. She's both intrigued by and extremely attracted to the brilliant railroad magnate but is convinced a marriage will not suit. He can't offer her love, insisting his heart is frozen and he's incapable of emotion. Fate, however, has other plans for the two: they move in the same social circles, share a set of friends and are thrown together on multiple occasions. Interactions with Cassandra and the young street urchin Tom befriends slowly begin to erode the walls around his cynical heart. When Cassandra desperately needs his help, will he have the courage to face his demons and claim a future with her?

This lush and romantic novel boasts an absorbing plot with fascinating historical details, intriguing main characters, an engaging secondary cast and wonderfully witty dialogue. Readers will love this Ravenels family finale. --Lois Faye Dyer, writer and reviewer

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