The Dragon Ark

Young adventurers and fantasy lovers will surely adore The Dragon Ark, a top-secret look at the world of dragons.

Climb aboard the Dragon Ark with Curatoria Draconis, the world's current Dragon Protector, and join her quest around the world in search of the mysterious celestial dragon. Readers will learn that every region on Earth--including the hottest desert and iciest tundra--is home to dragons of one kind or another. Curatoria and her team offer insight, first-hand accounts and scientific reporting on the various dragons they've encountered. And, in addition to seeking the celestial dragon, Curatoria's diverse team of experts works tirelessly to protect these oft-misunderstood creatures and their habitats. Beautifully complemented by Tomsilav Tomic's art nouveau-style ink and digital drawings, The Dragon Ark is an unforgettable compendium of all things dragon. --Kyla Paterno, freelance reviewer

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