The Curie Society

In this exhilarating STEM-centered graphic novel for young adults, three diverse college freshmen are invited to join a secret group for female scientists.

Simone, an early admission student at Edmonds University, is excited to meet her roommates; unfortunately, she clashes with Taj, an MMORPG and robotics enthusiast, and with Maya, who is laser-focused on academics. Taj, belittled for being a girl who loves tech and can throw a punch, finds it difficult to open up, and Maya is discouraged from making friends by parents who want a Nobel Prize-winning daughter. When an invitation arrives, the three must work together to decode the message. It leads them to the headquarters of the Curie Society, a clandestine organization inspired by Marie Curie's own secret society aimed at fighting misogyny and that supports women making breakthroughs in science.

The Curie Society, written by Janet Harvey (Angel City) and created by Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni (co-creators of the podcasts Daughters of DC and Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery), is a fun spy thriller that celebrates young female minds. While it showcases the girls' dedication to brilliance, it also highlights the pressures of imposter syndrome and forming relationships. Readers should find great enjoyment in seeing the recruits geek out over historic female scientists as well as advancements in technology, biology and genetics. Sonia Liao's bright, bold art enlivens exciting combat; detailed attention to facial features adds insight to the characters' unspoken thoughts, and full-page panels boost inspiring and momentous scenes. With suspenseful espionage, nerdy humor and a group of dauntless, eager trailblazers fostering genuine friendships, The Curie Society is sure to fascinate curious minds. --Samantha Zaboski, freelance editor and reviewer

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