Part of Your World

Abby Jimenez (The Happy Ever After Playlist) brings readers another irresistible story in Part of Your World, displaying her knack for ably blending hilarious moments with darker themes. This incredible romance novel manages to weave into its plot difficult personal circumstances as well as a pig named Kevin Bacon.

Alexis Montgomery is one of those Montgomerys. She became a doctor because her parents and grandparents were surgeons and part of the upper echelon of Minneapolis society. But some car trouble leads Alexis to the small town of Wakan and the surprising discovery of Daniel Grant. Daniel runs a bed-and-breakfast and essentially holds Wakan together. Alexis finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, repeatedly making the drive out from Minneapolis. Not only is Daniel a country boy--her parents would profoundly disapprove--but he's also nine years younger than Alexis. Daniel has a whole town relying on him; Alexis has a hospital and her family depending on her. Neither of them wants to disappoint anyone, yet they long to be together. Can they be a significant part of each other's worlds?

Heartfelt and poignant, Part of Your World is the perfect combination of comedic romance and depth. The characters have a fair amount of trauma in their pasts, and Jimenez expertly navigates tricky emotional waters. She adds levity with livestock and dogs and meals gone awry along the way. Fans of Emily Henry or Casey McQuiston are sure to love Abby Jimenez. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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