The Beach Trap

The Beach Trap, the first novel from Ali Brady (the pen name for the writing duo Alison Hammer and Bradeigh Godfrey), brings readers the sweet tale of two half sisters who must each overcome hardship from their pasts as they work together to fix up a ramshackle beach house. Now adults, Kat Steiner and Blake O'Neill first met at summer camp when they were 12. They struck up an instant friendship until a shocking revelation tore them apart: they share the same father. Unlike The Parent Trap, the sisters didn't bond over their relationship and, instead, have spent years resenting each other. Blake grew up poor, raised by her loving grandparents, while Kat was raised by her wealthy father and mother, who feuded constantly.

Blake, a nanny who was recently demoted to dog sitter, and Kat, a fashionable Instagram influencer, haven't spoken for 15 years. When their father abruptly dies, they discover he left the two of them his parents' old beach house. As the women work on renovating the house in order to sell it, they continually argue. But as the summer progresses, each realizes the other has experienced hard times. Each sister also meets a handsome man, which adds romance, misunderstandings and humor to their already complicated relationship.

Brady's charming story thoughtfully delves into themes of abandonment, betrayal and sisterly bonds. Sure to appeal to fans of Jennifer Weiner or Tessa Bailey, The Beach Trap is a wonderful summer novel, perfectly blending romance and self-discovery. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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