100 Animals that Can F*cking End You

100 Animals that Can F*cking End You is sure to appeal to animal lovers--or anyone who loves an entertaining coffee-table book. Written by TikTok star Mamadou Ndiaye, who is known for his dramatic and funny videos about surprisingly deadly animals, 100 Animals is a delightful mashup of beautiful wildlife photos and Ndiaye's irreverent, often profane commentary on how these animals want to kill humans: "Don't let the cute baby face fool you--kangaroos have psychopath tendencies."

Giving each animal a "merk" rating (short for mercenary and slang for kill) as well as providing information on how exactly these animals pad their death statistics, 100 Animals may make readers want to avoid Africa and Australia, but it's guaranteed to keep them laughing. From "Homicide hounds" (African wild dogs) and "tiny animals that could turn you into a hashtag" (the tsetse fly and candiru) to the "Satan guppy" (stonefish), Ndiaye has it covered.

100 Animals is clearly an homage to Ndiaye's lifelong love of the animal kingdom and is perfect for National Geographic fans who would like something edgier. In addition to the information and merk rating for the 100 animals that are highlighted, there are also sections such as "Six Animals You Didn't Know Were Cannibals" and "Animals that Look Deadly but Aren't," in which Ndiaye's wit and humor combine with the truly gorgeous photographs, making 100 Animals that Can F*cking End You absolutely irresistible. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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