The Accidental Pinup

Danielle Jackson brings humor and heat to The Accidental Pinup, her debut romance and a body-positive love letter to Chicago, photography and found family. When Cassie Harris's pregnant best friend, a queer fashion influencer and designer named Dana, is put on bed rest, Cassie sets aside her dream job to take on Dana's role as model for a new line of lingerie and swimwear. Luscious Lingerie had promised that Cassie would photograph Dana's line, finally guaranteeing Cassie a prestige role long denied her as a Black female photographer in a competitive niche, but now, as a model, Cassie must work with a rival photographer. Reid Montgomery, "the thorn in Cassie's professional side," has consistently stood in the way of her success. 

As Cassie and Reid explore the city, looking for the perfect backdrops for Dana's inclusive, quirky line, their initial impressions and wariness are replaced by respect, artistic admiration and a simmering heat that boils over in a rather unprofessional way. The Accidental Pinup is told in dual perspectives, meaning that while readers will develop a quick and powerful protectiveness toward Cassie, they'll empathize with Reid as they learn of his difficult upbringing and sense of familial and financial obligation to his much younger brother.

The romance remains central, but readers will savor the moments Jackson dedicates to the way Cassie captures light, joy and quiet beauty in her photographs. With a cheeky, subversive lens, The Accidental Pinup claims space for Cassie's dreams, gives readers a satisfying happily-ever-after and neatly sets up possible sequels. --Suzanne Krohn, librarian and freelance reviewer

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