A Simple Choice

In the eerily realistic thriller A Simple Choice, a brilliant doctor--whose methods are unethical and whose enablers will destroy anyone in their way--is on the verge of curing cancer. When beloved Senator Duke Garber jumps off a cliff in Maine, D.C. reporter Palmer Knight is on a mission to find out why. Suddenly, he's the victim of a deepfake scandal and his network suspends him.

Meanwhile, Amity Jones grows suspicious of her mother's neighbor, who has been receiving regular visits from medical personnel in a mysterious dark van. Colin Gentry, the neighbor's kid, had been diagnosed with cancer but, thanks to the visits, is now cancer-free. Amity's mother and Colin share the same doctor, but her mother's cancer is getting worse and, when asked how Colin recovered, the doctor responds cagily. Amity decides to follow the van and is caught. Her captors promise to cure her mother as long as she remains quiet, but Amity knows they can't be trusted and reaches out to Palmer Knight. Soon, both Amity and Palmer are under threat and out of their league in this riveting thriller. 

Author David Pepper (The Voter File) presents a real-life conundrum that illustrates how curing cancer is not--and never will be--simple. His characters face impossible ethical, moral and life-ending decisions while making a mad rush against time to do the right thing. The author challenges preconceived notions about a horrible, multifaceted disease and combines this with car chases and behind-the-scenes political skullduggery, making the choice to read A Simple Choice a simple one. --Paul Dinh-McCrillis, freelance reviewer

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