Husband Material

Alexis Hall (A Lady for a Duke) brings readers a hilariously neurotic romance in Husband Material. Lucien O'Donnell, son of rock stars and chaotic in every way, cleaned up his act by fake-dating well-behaved barrister Oliver Blackwood in Boyfriend Material. But the fake-dating turned to real love, and now Luc and Oliver have been together for two years. They cook for each other and shop at IKEA; Luc can't remember the last time he went to a glamorous, queer party. Luc's also noticing that nearly everyone they know is getting married. He's the maid of honor for his best friend, Bridget; his posh coworker Alex is marrying the daughter of an earl; and even his evil ex, Miles (who sold their relationship to the tabloids), has found true love. Feeling societal pressure, Luc finds himself getting down on one knee and proposing to Oliver. But now he can't help but wonder: Is he, Luc, actually husband material?

Snarky and insightful, Husband Material is the story of a man who is truly trying to improve himself but who always wonders if he's getting it wrong. The London setting is irresistible, as are Luc's attempts to make sure that he's adulting properly. Full of a string of wonderfully odd characters--Baby J (who looks "ever so slightly like something Jim Henson had built out of foam and ping-pong balls"), whose parents are both named James Royce and each go by the name James Royce-Royce; Luc's unbelievably inept coworkers; and Oliver's judgmental family--there's never a dull moment. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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