Listening in the Dark: Women Reclaiming the Power of Intuition

Amber Tamblyn's Listening in the Dark: Women Reclaiming the Power of Intuition celebrates the ancient, spiritual wisdom of the inner voice and guides readers towards harnessing and embracing their intuitive intelligence. Showcasing the 15 varied stories by women across the professional spectrum, including actress and director Amy Poehler, lawmaker Ayanna Pressley and political strategist Huma Abedin, the book's impressive assemblage of writers delivers a reassuring message: intuition, that deep sensory awareness or gut feeling, is a gift accessible to everyone. Paying attention to that interior wisdom, which previous generations of women have done, has the power to heal trauma and transform lives.

Tamblyn (Era of Ignition; Dark Sparkler) is an author and actress with multiple books and awards to her name. A cultural critic and passionate women's rights advocate, Tamblyn encourages readers in her introduction to take the time to pause, be still and find a path within to guide them "when a defining moment in your life calls for deep introspection, when you are pushed to change, to fight, to leave, to stay, or to speak." The activation of intuition presents differently in every woman, as the stories (divided into sections introduced by Tamblyn) set forth in this anthology demonstrate. Ada Limón, the 24th poet laureate of the United States, is guided by dreams, whereas for Dr. Nicole Apelian, an anthropologist and contestant on the television series Alone, communion with nature provides the solitude necessary to spark intuitive thinking.

Tamblyn's inspirational road map for accessing one's intuition includes tools for pushing past old fears and letting go of unrealistic expectations toward a restorative sense of inner calm. --Shahina Piyarali, reviewer

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