Water Views: Rivers Lakes Oceans

The aerial photographs of David Ondaatje's Water Views capture stunning seascapes, beaches and coastlines. The author chairs a fishing rod company, and his angling adventures in the Bahamas, British Columbia and Montana provided opportunities to take many of these images using a drone. Extreme, wide angles and panoramic shots re-create natural grandeur, and human figures lend a sense of scale. Elsewhere, man-made structures provoke wonder where water adjoins a city, as in Rome or Miami. Striped umbrellas form eye-catching patterns on European beaches, while surfers and kayakers stud Californian ocean views. Brief captions add context and anecdotal information. The variety of compositions and lighting conditions--from fog that renders scenes nearly black and white to a golden evening sun--make this a spectacular set of photos for armchair travelers to browse. --Rebecca Foster, freelance reviewer, proofreader and blogger at Bookish Beck

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