Awesome Accidents: 19 Discoveries that Changed the World

Awesome Accidents is a vibrantly illustrated picture book import from Spain that "is a tribute to human trial and error." This history pinpoints 16 everyday and life-saving creations that were birthed from mishaps, including coffee, the eraser and the microwave oven.

Soledad Romero Mariño includes a brief bio, an explanation of the lucky accident and a description of the invention on each double-page spread. Montse Galbany's bold, eye-catching digital artwork features images of the creations alongside inventors caught in action. The text, translated by Howard Curtis, is an excellent nonfiction resource that also reminds readers "mistakes guide us and show us a way to success." Young readers may be inspired to make some accidental creations of their own! --Kharissa Kenner, children's librarian, Bank Street School for Children

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