Bugs: What Do Bees, Ants, and Dragonflies Get Up to All Day?

Bugs is an accessible and informative nonfiction picture book about the daily lives of bugs. Entomologist Jessica L. Ware provides an hour-by-hour breakdown that features the activities of a variety of insects, including dragonflies, ants, comet moths and honeybees. Interspersed within the book's primary narrative are several double-page spreads highlighting specific types of bugs, such as "winged wonders," "super swimmers" and "hitchhikers." Ware's text presents information in a way that is both fun and digestible, and Chaaya Prabhat decorates each page with lively and colorful illustrations that aid readers in understanding key terms and concepts. Bugs is a great gift for a burgeoning entomologist or any young reader interested in the natural world. --Cade Williams, freelance reviewer and staff writer at the Harvard Independent

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