Boobies is a terrific title to shelve alongside all the other picture books about the human body and its sometimes squirm-making functions. Nancy Vo's groundbreaking picture book is as factual as a caregiver would hope and as funny as a child would wish.

"You have just opened a book about boobies" runs below two beige orbs with dark nipple-like centers against white areola-like circles. A turn of the page reveals the orbs are a fish's eyes. The gags persist even after Vo launches into a largely science-minded narrative that covers the breast's function and breast-related fun facts. Vo's tidy stencil art has a quaint retro vibe and features adorable animals parked against white backdrops, leaving space for the book's ideas to settle. Boobies is a big step forward in educating young children about the mammary gland's use. --Nell Beram, freelance writer and YA author

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