In this extraordinary, resonant middle-grade novel by National Book Award-winner Kacen Callender, 12-year-old Black, nonbinary Moon desperately wishes to leave the physical world for the spirit realm. In a narrative that is at once heartbreaking and hopeful, Callender masterfully captures the protagonist's complicated journey in captivatingly rich imagery and natural and celestial metaphors.

"The first thing you should know is that I am not from your world," Moon explains. Each night, Moon visits the spirit world, the place "your world is based on." Every night, they attempt to gain permanent access so they can leave behind their mortal life. Without fail, at daybreak, Moon awakens, disappointed, in the world of the living. Callender's exquisite portrayal of Moon subtly, achingly depicts the inner life of a child living with depression and suicidal ideation. Callender delivers another tremendously affecting and ultimately uplifting work for young readers. --Kieran Slattery

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