Anon Pls.

From the founder of the "instafamous" celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi comes the debut novel Anon Pls., drawn from the creator's experience running an account that became an online sensation. The fictional lead, Cricket Lopez, rediscovers her fashion Instagram account, DeuxMoi, after an exceptionally bad day at work, followed by a night out with friends. After posting a tip about her boss's bad client, Cricket wakes up to an onslaught of followers, messages with more tips and anxiety about how to juggle being the assistant to a tyrannical celebrity stylist while reporting the hottest gossip of the industry--without revealing enough of her identity to be run out of Manhattan.

Cowritten by Jessica Goodman, Anon Pls. captures the beautifully chaotic reality of online fame and delivers insider gossip as well as the realities of life in the spotlight. Some of the novel's fictional retellings might even give fans of the real-life Instagram account a glimpse into the identity of their favorite anonymous social media star. The book's mysterious author, through the story of a woman discovering her self-worth and passion, turns a novel primarily about the reporting of celebrity gossip into a tale of entrepreneurial success and empowerment. Cricket's emotions concerning the pressure to do her best for a boss who constantly devalues her and friends who want no connection to her secret, not to mention her need to navigate questions of whom to trust in an untrustworthy field, create genuine empathy for her unconventional predicament. Anon Pls. is not only an entertaining work of fiction but also a glimpse into the mystery that is the real-life DeuxMoi. --Clara Newton, freelance reviewer

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