The Prisoner

B.A. Paris (The Therapist; Behind Closed Doors), known for her dynamic psychological thrillers, uncovers the secrets behind the glamorous life of a billionaire, his family and the women he pulls into his web of lies in The Prisoner. Franco-British author Paris creates multidimensional characters of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Amelie Lamont has lost her father, who left her with seemingly nothing, and attempts to forge her own way. Nearly destitute, she is taken in by a stranger and creates her own family centered on female connections and friendships. Amelie's past and current lives, as depicted in alternating timelines, are both inspiring and terrifying. Soon after Amelie's best friend helps her secure a job at Exclusives magazine, Amelie finds herself marrying her billionaire boss in Las Vegas. Her new husband, Ned Hawthorpe, has his own motives for the marriage--but so does Amelie.

After both Amelie and Ned are blindfolded and dragged to an unknown location, Amelie must adjust to life in a dark room. The captors--and the motive behind the  abduction--are unknown, but with so many skeletons in Ned's closet, Amelie uses her solitude to think of a few theories. Amelie, who starts to feel safer in the hands of her captor than her husband, tells the man, "if you release me at the same time as him... he'll kill me!" A twisted story of love, loss and lies, The Prisoner leaves readers wondering if anyone will make it out alive. --Clara Newton, freelance reviewer

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